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Will the Retirement of Google AdSense for Hosted DomainsAffect Your Website? :

Many publishers using Google AdSense for their hosted domains have received a couple emails over the past couple weeks stating that “Google will be retiring AdSense for hosted domains“.

There has been a lot of confusion over these emails because many publishers who use AdSense have received the emails even if the changes do not apply to them.

I received the first email on February 22nd and it was entitled, “Retiring AdSense for Domains in your account“.

The second email was received today, March 1st and was entitled, “Clarification about the upcoming retirement of AdSense for Domains in your account“.

Apparently Google realized that there was some confusion over the first email so they attempted to correct themselves but, instead, ended up confusing publishers even more!

So, here is the scoop. These AdSense changes apply only to publishers who have “parked” or “inactive” domains. Parked domains are websites that have no content. They just feature a landing page with Google AdSense links on it in hope that users will click through to another website.

An example of a parked domain using Google AdSense for Hosted Domains is

Unfortunately, in the Google AdSense help forums, it is stated that if publishers access their AdSense account and go to the “My ads” tab, then the “Domains” and “Hosted Domains” section, they will see the domains that will be affected by these AdSense changes.

That statement is not correct!

I emailed AdSense today telling them that I have two domains listed under “Hosted Domains” but they are active domains that have new content published on them almost daily.

The AdSense Team quickly responded saying that even though I have domains listed in that section, I am using AdSense for Content on those domains and they will not be affected by the upcoming changes.

So, in short, even if you have domains listed in the “Hosted Domains” section of AdSense but they are “Active” and not just “Parked“, then they will not be affected by the upcoming changes.

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